What happened next?
Do people still remember and sing about the poor Captain Rich and the fabulous treasure for which he left himself die of starvation?
Has the memory faded out... or is it become stronger and stronger, day after day?


When a collaboration calls for another collaboration!
Me and my friends just joined our forces in a video for a cover sung by one of them and I was told - Dan, if there's a song of yours for which you'd like to have us in the video for... just ask! -
Said and done, I came up with this song I wrote back in 2004.

I ended making it all by myself, for many reasons... but the input was definitely there, in my mind and in my heart.

Everything has been filmed/edited by me, here at home (you wouldn't tell, hm? Well, everything... with the exception of the forest scenes, filmed outside my home, hehe! xD)

A "making of" documentary, in two parts, will follow the second chapter... for to unveil all the secrets behind this movie!

After more than two months of work, I'm literally drooling to read to your impressions, opinions, comments!
By the way, feel free to spread the word! ;-)

Thank you in advance, for everything.

Captainly yours
Daniele Bergamini
a.k.a. danbergam


These are the MyFreeCopyright certificates for the whole movie:

+ Original Music/Song:

+ Original Script/documents/graphics:

+ Chapter I "Found and Lost"

+ Chapter II "The Race of the Fools"

+ The Full-Resolution version of the trailer

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