Blending custom software, state of the art digital renderings, and HD projection, Potion’s "Star Spangled Banner" interactive flag at the National Museum of American History brings a national treasure back into the hands of over a million visitors per year.

Panning slowly over the full flag’s surface, the interactive table shows the flag at a 1:1 scale, revealing minute details nearly invisible to the naked eye. The unparalleled resolution allows visitors to see the individual threads of the Banner, examining its subtle stains and imperfections as they skim their fingers across its surface.

Two high-definition projectors create a four million pixel image on a touch-sensitive, fifteen foot long Corian slab. Potion worked with C&G Partners to create an interactive that could withstand the battering of a small army while maintaining an intimate experience.

As visitors explore the flag’s surface, they are met with over 100 touch-sensitive hotspots, each containing stories and anecdotes of the flag’s dramatic history. Touching an area opens curators’ notes, engaging historic stories, and restoration facts from the flag’s rich history. The scale of the table, like the flag itself, brings large groups of people together to share in its story.

Client: National Museum of American History
Project Title: Star Spangled Banner
Location: Washington, DC
Type: Interactive Table, 2008

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