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0:30 Shading with Clipping Masks
2:30 Shading with Marks (or vectors)
4:45 Masking a Group
6:20 Layers from Effects
8:30 Base Color Gradient
10:00 Preset Styles
11:25 Preset Patterns
12:45 Preset Shapes
14:20 Preset Panel
14:55 Stroke from Base Color
17:47 Layer Based Slices
21:35 Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
24:20 Snapping to Pixels
26:30 Dashed Borders
27:35 Layer Comps
30:40 History Snapshop on Save
32:45 Hiding Effects with Masks
35:50 Default Global Light Source

2 more tips:
• with the brush key selected, hold ctrl + alt and drag mouse up and down to control the flow and left and right to control the size.
• with brush or bucket selected hold ctrl + alt + cmd and drag the mouse and you get a color picker.

Preset Styles

Preset Patterns

Keyboard Shortcuts

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