A documentary / interview with Peter Michaelson a therapist who was trained and mentored in the little known process of Berglarian Analysis. This unique form of facilitation is based on Edmund Bergler's theory of the Basic Neurosis being the Oral stage of a beings development, which is the first 18 months of life.

This process is built upon but preceeds Freud's psychoanalytical work as it deals with the unconscious mind and attachments to negative feelings of "not getting enough" or "getting too much" created during this early stage of an infants life. Basically forming behaviors that can be defined as unconscious masochism.

These feelings get suppressed and then play out over and over again in adult life, while complex layers of conscious defenses are built up over the individuals life inhibiting them from seeing or acknowledging these secret attachments.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to have a private session I do facilitations utilizing this process in a modified form called CPR - Core Pattern Restructuring. Go to Neo-Acupuncture.net

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