"I wanted to do something old school, no computer effects, it's all done through puppeteering, Jim Henson style! This video is heavy on the imagination" -Eric Nally of Foxy Shazam on the Unstoppable video The latest of three videos for the ever unstoppable Foxy Shazam. Our team collaborated with the band to create this video utilizing old school theater trickery, puppeteering and black light. The result - polished, quirky video with drama written all over it.

Directed by Jeremy E. Jackson
Produced by Jonathan Lacocque
Cinematography by Marcin Szalkowski
Assistant Directed by Zach Litwack
Edited by Jeremy E. Jackson
Art Direction by Adri Siriwatt
Choreographry by Laura Chiaramonte & Walter Pozywio
Costume Design by Melinda Snyder

Client: Warner Music Group | Foxy Shazam

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