Legend says that moorish people were pushed to hyde their treasures inside of the rock chaos in Hoya Moros, an amazing hollow at 2.300m where nowadays climbers are looking for some kind of jewels: the most beautiful rocks and lines!
Ivan and ferrets are spending whole summer, while geting one's streng back after some pestering injuries this crazy guy got the oportunity of meet and learn from the best local climbers and strongers friends:
-Mariano Lopez (Cuco)
-Jorge Tost (Yoyes)
-Miguel Rosón (Miguelu)
-Nacho Sanchez (Murci)
-Miguel Ayllon (Miguelito)
-Fon de Arce (Fon)
-Miguel Navarro (Miquelet)
-David Periñan (Gorililla)
-Rocio Vera (Roci)
-Fede Sanz (Jesus, Cris, Felix)
-Luis Alonso (Pequeño Piorno)
-Raul Alonso (Diablo piemano)
-Diego Cabezas (Vinagre)
-Eduardo Pascal (Lendi)
-Miguel Angel Punter )Michel)
-Chulo y Lomo
-Santiago (Castañita)
-Miguel (Perfils)
-Pablo Edesa (Jimmy Neutron)
-Alfonso Peso (Alfonsito)
-Juan Randulfe (Randalf)
-Irene & Silvia

Music: La matriz armónica.
Edit: Vanlu
Camera: Ñapa & 5DII
Climber: Ivan Luengo

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