At the opening of the 48HFP Machinima 2010, mr. Peter Greenaway shared his vision about this exciting new media. At the end of his inspiring talk, there was room for some Q & A for the audience.
Peter Greenaway was head of jury for the 48HFP Machinima.
The speech was held in Second Life tm, on September 23, 2010.

About the 48HFP Machinima:

Filmmaking teams from throughout the Machinima area successfully completed a weekend of filmmaking. Films were due on September 19th, and the last few minutes before the deadline saw filmmakers, operating on little sleep and lots of adrenaline, rushing to get their films in on time. 48 Hours to make a movie, in which the prop, line and character for 2010 were:

Character: Jackie or Jack Schmidt, Journalist
Prop: water
Line of dialogue: There is one thing I can do that you can't.

Some useful links for information:

Awards and winner 48HFP Machinima 2010:

The Lake, Stone Falcon Productions

Runner up:
Nihilist, Grey Matter Films

2nd Runner up:
The Shadows, Machinimatrix
Best graphics:
Make me Wet, Rediculous Sandwich Studios

Best special effects:
SB1070, War Technica

Best Cinematography:
Anemone, team M4AS22

Best sound design:
The Real Thing, team Dream Machine

Best acting:
The Lake, Stone Falcon Productions

Best directing:
The Lake, Stone Falcon Productions

Best editing:
SB1070, team War Technica

Best use of prop:
The lake, Stone Falcon Productions

Best use of line of dialogue: draw:
The Nihilist, Grey Matter Films
The Lake, Stone Falcon Productions

Best concept:
Make me Wet, Rediculous Sandwich Studios

Best musical score:
The Real Thing, team Dream Machine

Best costumes: draw:
Rough Romance, Metaverse Television
Changes, Nicole X Group

Most unique character:
It was a Difficult Question, team Tough Question

Best choreography:
You Dont Know Jack Schmidt, Fluent Media Productions

Audience Awards:
Cruise Control, Running Lady Productions
WET, IdeaJuice Studios
Rough Romance, Metaverse Television

Registered teams were:

Dream Machine, Liz Solo
fluent media productions, Flimsey Freenote
Grey Matter Films, Penumbra Carter
Ideajuice Studios, Peter Patterson
In Limbo, Rollo Girando
Insomaniacs, MATTHEW HAHN
Jewell Theatre, Fake Jewell
Kamachinima Production, Ariane Dupleich
M4SK 22, David Moss
Machinimart, Gabe Salgado
Machinimatrix, Hussayn Dabbous
Metaverse Television, Dousa Dragonash
Moondust Films, Levio Serenity
NicoleX Group, NicoleX Moonwall
Ninja Bandits, Kafka Moody
Pookymedia, Pooky Amsterdam
Rediculous Sandwich Studios, John Navilliat
Running Lady Productions and Suzy's..., K. DaVette See
Sound'r, Andre Engelhardt
Stone Falcon Productions, Jun Falkenstein
tough question, Lyn Thompson
War Technica, Gabe Achanzar

I want to thank everybody that donated their time and effort, over 30 volunteers helped us make this possible.
I thank the 48HFP organisation for including machinima, and so providing us with a platform. And thank you, Ben, for your patience and help.

Moviestorm and Reallusion both provided wonderful prizes for the teams, enabeling them to make even better films from now on.

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