These are some shots directly from the Arri Alexa, no color grading applied. We shot in ProRes 4x4 at Rec 709 (not Log C), so what you see is exactly what you get out of the camera (minus the banding and artifacting of h264).

The original footage has minimal noise in shadows, zero banding and exquisite color.

All shot with Zeiss Ultra Primes (20mm, 65mm and 100mm). Daytime shots are at 200 ASA with an ND filter at f/4 - 5.6 split, night shots are all 1000 and 1600 ASA at f/1.9.

Special thanks to John Chater and everyone at Chater Camera for the incredible gear. And extra special thanks to Arri for building a digital camera that also has a soul.

Photography: Michael Sugrue and Eric Escobar
Design/ Make Up/ Wardrobe: Deborah Czerwinksi
Actors: Nick Frangione, Liz Brooks
Tech: Luke Shock, John Meyer
Director: Eric Escobar
Producer: Nick Frangione

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