Share and Sproud The Message From The Last Consciusness!
Ital and DJ Vinnix Come together to make a Pact To Unite Powers Between The Eagle of The North With The Condor Of The South.... Mexico, Brazil & Chile.. With All South America Together For The Same Reason... We Are All One! Like The Fingers Of Of The Hand... We Are One! With The Infinite Sun..The Real Consciusness!

Enjoi this Work of Imix Jaguar... For the New Audiovisual Show Kukulcan Hunabku... Follow the Messenger of The Elder Shaman Alejandro From Guatemala.. In His Encounter With The Grandfathers Of South America..

Time its Cooming on... Lets recover The Real Consciusnnes.. and Lets Wake Up!!!

From the Mayas Of South Of Mexico.. For ALL THE WORLD!!


Visual Images from Share The Message!!

Special Thanx to Sweetcandy Proyect for The Mexican Audiovisaul Intro..

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