The Lost Army was an idea inspired by two different things, one being the lost Terracota Army found in China and Influenza's Art of Urban Warfare game.

I've always loved toy soldier's so cheap and easily available. I sprayed some up in a nice grey and wanted to leave them somewhere for people to find and maybe even wonder "Where did they come from?"

So with a bag of troops and my camera I set off for Shedocksley in the North of Aberdeen and set about arranging troops on a perfectly angled tree. Shedcocksley is the kind of area that you don't want to hang around too long after dark but I was lucky to catch an amazing sunset.

I went back a month later to see how thing's were looking and managed to save a few troops who had fallen into the leaf litter, the rest had disappeared. This was the first of many small interventions that I've done over the last year and will hopefuly be doing more soon.

See more about the Terracota army here and see The Art of Urban Warfare here

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