I have been very interested in moving the study of Moholy-Nagy out of the confines of Modernism. In this way, I want us to go beyond framing him as a modern Bauhaus master. While this paradigm certainly has much to offer, Moholy-Nagy’s vision (in motion) and his intermedia artistic meanderings lend themselves to many fascinating frameworks.

In the particular case of my book Laszlo Moholy-Nagy: Biographical Writings (Duke, 1995), I wanted to show how his work had great relevance in light of issues and ideas crucial to postmodernism and deconstruction.

I am very pleased that your invitation to participate in the upcoming The SIP Re/View provides me with the opportunity to return to Moholy and to reconnect with his photographic (and overall artistic practice) as well as his theoretical corpus not only within the initial context of the New Vision (Neues Sehen) but also in relation to a number of artistic and/or theoretical moments including Walter Benjamin’s writings, Conceptual art projects, and the contemporary interventions of Jan Tichy and others.

Louis Kaplan,

Professor of History and Theory of Photography,

University of Toronto

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