An emotive brand is emotionally important
and meaningful to all the people it touches.

It gains importance and meaning by consistently evoking a specific set of relevant emotions while constantly living out its reason for being.

It uses feelings and meaning to enhance, support and extend its rational story.

As a brand evolves into an emotive brand - bonding on the levels of feelings and meaning - the people vital to its success change their attitudes and behavior.

They care, think, talk and do more with respect the brand.

And each time they do this, the emotive brand’s unique feelings and meaning are compounded.

This full circle from feelings/meaning to changed behavior to even greater feelings/meaning sets an emotive brand apart, not only in the hearts and minds of people but also as a competitive business.

When everyone - from employees, to customers, to partners, to suppliers, to distributors, to communities, to bloggers, to social activists - sees, understands and appreciates how an emotive brand makes them feel and the role it plays, the emotive brand goes from strength to strength.

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Concept + Copy: Jerry Holtaway
Animation + Editing: Zachary Scott

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