The musical industry has recently suffered the effects of massive digitalization. It resulted in the gradual loss of images which seems to be both a cause and a consequence of the recent mark-down of music.
Based on the new listening and consuming behaviours, my final degree project aims at recreating the missing value of music by reconnecting and reinforcing the link between music and its visual representation.

Such a project require a long-range view. For this hypothesis I appeal to the e-wear technology. Now imagine a T-shirt which would be directly connected to your MP3 player. Of course, this supposition is not without remembering some Justice's music video (that definitely inspire me). But when Jonas & François conceive it as a visual gimmick, I imagine it as a real possibility.

This video is a part of my final degree's project. I invite you to take a look a the entire project on my album : or my website :

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