It's been two years since we created this and things have changed quite a bit. Be sure to check out our new work ( In the spirit of a time capsule, our original text shall remain unchanged below.

The Shepherd is a 20 minute long short film written, directed, produced, etc. by two seventeen year-olds: John Merizalde and David Torcivia. In high school from Atlanta, Georgia, we are preparing to study film and broadcast at college. This is our first serious attempt at making a short film.

The film is a psychological thriller (inspired by 1984) and was shot on a Canon HV30 at 24p 1/48 with no external lens or adapters. Color correction, special effects, and editing was performed in Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effects. Friends and family are used as actors in the film. The film is shot on location throughout the Atlanta area. This is a no budget project meaning we spent less than $80 on the entire film. The film took about a month and a half to complete.

We are looking for comments/criticisms and the like. Feel free to download and distribute the film to all you know. The download link is to the right and down - you must be registered to download.

One last note, if you live in the Atlanta area and would be interested in collaborating, helping, or just chatting, feel free to contact us (

Thanks and enjoy!

CONTENT WARNING: The film contains some violence and brief strong language.

Didn't get the film? Try watching it again, everything should click as you watch it the second time.

Vimeo changes the contrast and brightness of video in the encoding process. We tried to compensate and brighten the video to give the original feel. If you find it too dark, sorry but we just guessed. Try downloading it instead (though you'll probably find that too light).

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