This is Eric's personal quiver of one. Plenty of width for the pow, tons of stability at speed, and the agility needed to use the entire mountain as his personal terrain park. NEW this year he's added Early Rise to the tip and tail for even better float in the pow while maintaining plenty of effective edge & camber to still rip the hard pack.
Lengths: 162, 172, 182
Shape: 142-115-139

The art on the Bacon is an acrylic on wood painting of a massive color wheel and a tree with roots growing below. I won't go into why I painted those, but believe me, it's deep.

The concept was for the Sir Francis Bacon to ride well in all conditions, something I could take up any day and not be disappointed.

The Engineering this year we added Early Rise in the tip and tail which dramatically helped it float without having to shift your weight. The early taper was critical in eliminating drag and hooking tips and tails in powder, as well as helping the tip and tail sit deeper in the pow (depending on which direction you are going). The bacon is the most versatile ski in my line, with a large waist, and a soft but very stable, symmetrical flex, making it easy to ride in the park, all over the mountain and in pow.

Check out the Nimbus videos to get a better idea of the way these skis were designed to be ridden.

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