Everyday, enormous amounts of natural resources are unearthed from Australian soil. Trains like this one, loaded with iron ore, snake along the longest railway line in the world, undulating through the Australian desert. The trains arrive at the shore and unload onto ships constantly scuttling across the seas between Australia and China.

Most of these resources go towards building infrastructure and making products. But new office buildings house workers growing and innovating in new industries. Transport enables new connections and then new ideas to flower. Factories are staffed by parents buying their children an education for the jobs of the future.

From the riches of the Australian underground, China is fashioning a new world. We humbly ask you to imagine for us what it might look like.

Send us photos, music, movies, animations - any visual or sound that transcends language barriers.

All material will be collated and edited into a giant projection adorning some of China's biggest screens. It will be a skyscraper of the new world, as imagined by its citizens.

Please send material to china@curiousworks.com.au. If your media is too big to email, upload it somewhere and send us the link.

Screenings will take place in late November. Details of screening times and locations will be confirmed closer to the date.

This is a CuriousWorks project as part of the On the Edge initiative - touring a group of New Media and Hybrid artists from Australia to Beijing and Chengdu during the Year of Australia in China 2010.









这个CuriousWorks工作室的项目将作为On The Edge大型活动的主力,On The Edge是2010年中澳文化年系列活动的重要组成部分,它集合了澳大利亚优秀的新媒体艺术家和混合艺术家,并且将在北京和成都进行巡回演出。


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