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As featured on The Huffington Post: "The Only Fried Artichoke Recipe You Will Ever Need"

THIS VID is another installment of cooking with Ma and Pop. This time Pop's in the kitchen doing a classic Roman style fried artichoke. Hilarity ensues and mouths will water.

Basic recipe as requested. Mind you this has never really been written down, and comes straight from my pops mind. Like most good recipes, perfection comes with practice.

8-12 medium sized artichokes
1-2 Cups of all purpose flour
6 Lemons
6 eggs
1/3 cup of heavy cream
2 Tablespoons of salt
Gallon of vegetable oil
cup of olive oil

Prepare Artichokes as seen in the video. Sorry, thats the key, and you have to watch to really understand.

mix around 4:1 veg to olive oil and put about 4 fingers deep in a pan. Medium heat.

Dredge artichokes in flour, then egg, then place in fully heated oil.

Add a half a lemon and teaspoon of salt to the oil as the chokes cook.

Allow to cook until golden brown, then remove and place in a large, paper towel lined pot. Place in oven at 200 degrees with a squeeze of lemon and salt to keep warm. Continue making the rest of the artichokes. allow the last batch to sit for at least 10 minutes in the oven. This will make them perfectly tender and delicious.

They are good hot, or cold, even in a sandwich with a nice aioli sauce.

Buon Appetito!

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