Dive Site: Mukilteo Oil Docks
Conditions: Sunny, light wind, High tide
Divers: Ray, Raul, LJ
Scooters: Camera on Dive Xtras "Sierra", Gavin Short body, Dive Xtras "CUDA".

A fun post work dive playin' with the scooters. They were swapped back and forth throughout the dive :)

What's ridin' the CUDA like? (answers from some demo riders I've taken out)

"When you're not sure if you're riding the Cuda or the Cuda is taking you for a ride"

"when you click it into 8, it's like grabbing on to a maglev train"


"there is a fine line between the ride of your life and hanging on for dear life"

"oh. my. god."


"the scooter you CUDA had!"

"no, I dont' want my ______ {insert name of other scooter} back..."

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