Hello everybody !!!

This evening, when I walked home from work, the little pond of the Jardin Botanique caught my eyes. Actually, not so much the pond itself ... but the waves :-).

I started watching the wave patterns in the pond. How they broke onto stones. How they spread, transformed, vanished. I also started to watch closer at all the ducks and their friends. How they float in the water surrounded by waves and how they themselves create waves with each of their movements. Waves of different rythms, lenghts ... Waves colliding, avoiding, mingling with those of the others.

I thought: how wonderful !!! It is like a cosmic ocean. We all are surrounded by waves. We are deeply immersed in them. We do emit our own waves and they become part of the big cosmic symphony. Actually, we can even say that all of life is nothing but a big cosmic ocean, a big symphony ... or a big jazz improvisation ;-).

Usually we are not aware of all this continuous "music". So, I said a BIG thank you to the pond and its inhabitants for reminding me !!! And I caught some glimpses of this beautiful insight with my photocamera.

I hope it will inspire you !!!

The music is Tan Dun's "Above Water".

Good and harmonious vibes and waves and a lot of good inspirations to all of you !!!


PS: I find this video very complementary to "Broken Silence": vimeo.com/27047552.


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