Teaser trailer for short film from Amberley Productions (Darko Dragicevic / Austin Stack).

RETINA tells the story of a boy who is left blind and orphaned after an accident in the city. Sent to live with his grandmother on an island he must re-build his world through his remaining senses.
It was shot in Dublin and on the Aran Islands.

Written and directed by Darko Dragicevic
Produced by Austin Stack

Starring: Oisin O´Driscoll, Irene Wright and James Freeman

Director of Photography: Felix Novo de Oliveira

1st Assistant Director: Heiko Nemmert
Production Manager: Shah Besri

Art Direction: Jelena Cecovic
Set Design: Sarah Carroll
Costume: Eveline Erni

Editor: Austin Stack

Animation Direction: S. Shan Blume
Animation/Illustration: Saana Inari, Hara Katsiki, S. Shan Blume

Soundtrack composed by Markus Popp / Oval

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