This is a series of short films about love.

I love the free style nature of shooting thesef short films. I make a living directing TV ads in which each frame gets a minimum of 10 takes & takes at least an hour to set up with a massive crew. Here I simply had a skeleton crew, different cameras rolling & very limited amount of time to work with the talents. We were constantly moving & shooting. I would not even review what we had just shot & just trusted the cinematographer & camera men to get what we needed. It was very collaborative, the talents would even suggest what to do. I would like to work this way more : )

Director: Mr. Avid
DOP: Dan Villegas
AD for part 2&3: Jan Parma
2nd cam: Mr. Mayko & Mico Manalaysay

Script: Paulle Olivenza
Storyboard artist: Peter Mutuc
Special thanks to Apol Sta. Maria & April Fronda.
Editor: Evo Post with help from Mr. Avid (I did a lot in this project)
Color grading: Rocketsheep
Music is from James Iha's Linda Linda Linda soundtrack

Produced by Party Pilipinas, Team Rico Gutierez

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