Future generations will love our "future predictions" for this week ending the 26/09/10: Using social networks to predict epidemics and identify influential social centers, how to impact a billion people in 10 years using the power of exponential technology and the Singularity, YouTube and the Internet at large progressing the spread of ideas and innovation, the UN announces an alien ambassador (or not), we build a billion dollar company in 4 weeks (or not), and we make our 5, 10 and 20 year predictions for the future.

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* 5 Year Predictions (2015):

- Tristan: HUD headset overlay platform beginning to emerge, propelled by augmentation technology on the mobile phone. Begin recording our entire lives onto flash memory via our mobile phones.
- Nathan: Recommendation engines based off your social, demographic and behavioural data. Near perfect (100%) algorithms to predict and suggest relevant, "orgasmic" information content. Won't need to search for content 90% of the time, instead it will find you. WebOS browsers mainstream.

* 10 Year Predictions (2020):

- Tristan: Social hivemind. Movements to be part of the identity of online groups; people will define themselves by the platforms they use. Stronger force toward collective intelligence hivemind. Greater harnessing of the collective.
- Nathan: Immersive AI. The Semantic Web - treating the entire Internet as a single database. Will appear to users as though the Internet is an artificial intelligence with which we can talk to and get answers/information. AI Agents that run on the Semantic Web to provide intelligent services like automatic scheduling, and act like personal assistants. Combine voice recognition, the Semantic Web and recommendation engines = will appear to be AI (not sentient).

* 20 Year Predictions (2030):

- Tristan: Foundations of a new economy and currency based on the Internet will start to rival the "real world" economy. This will begin to take-over the old economic paradigm. The current economy cannot deal with the amount of coming growth and change based on current trends. Attention economy, knowledge economy, ideas economy etc.
- Nathan: Government's won't exist. They will still be around, but will have very little influence on public policy. Instead social media and online groups will, in a sense, "self-govern"; like an Anarcho-capitalist system operating via an online platform. The social collective online will dictate government policy via online activism. Nanotechnology infiltrating our bodies and brain-computer interfaces connecting human beings into a single super-mind.

Post your predictions in the comments or over at the Singularity subreddit: reddit.com/r/singularity

Stories covered this week:

Our Australian Singularity Summit Wrap-up (Video), Singularity Institute For Artificial Intelligence Australia, How Social Networks Can Predict Epidemics And Control the World (Video), Salim Ismail - Impacting a Billion People in 10 Years (Video), Shapeways Secures New Round of Funding, TED: Chris Anderson: How Web Video Powers Global Innovation (Video), JoVE: Journal of Visualized Experiments, TED: Steven Johnson: Where good ideas come from (Coffee shop thing), United Nations to Appoint Alien Ambassador? (Nope Sorry)

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