Music & Film by Dean Omori


I dreamed of a plant that could cure you, but I am not a botanist. I dreamed of an equation to save the world but I am not a mathematician.

I am mute until you hear me.

We took the largest and most graceful creature that has ever lived, and chased it to the edge of extinction.

In towns and cities we gather to a superficial order, where we attempt to control time and life.

The plague of human kind that we have come to accept will not be sustained. On the path of creating that which we do not need we consume what was needed.

You touch children in ways that I cannot speak of here for fear of offending you.

You cannot be trusted with your own intelligence. I am nothing until I know it.

Draw a line beneath your history, go start again.

We regard ourselves superior to other animals. Here lies the rage of our folly, as if we have been granted a power greater than that of nature itself. We have taken the Earth’s hospitality and raped it with our impunity.

We incubate hatred with such slight of hand that our atrocities appear almost justified. We no longer regard the lives of our kind as family. We see the human as a threat. How many things are wrong with that?

Conceited is he who makes gods in the image of man. Yet it is simpler to pray for God’s forgiveness than for us to do what is morally right. And now we build temples to money where once we worshiped the sun.

But money doesn’t change you….. it just makes you richer.

If freedom is theirs to give it does not exist, it must be taken.

You allow those you have chosen to follow, to control you, to allow you and then to prevent you.

From bedrooms to bar-rooms, to boardrooms to battlefields

Eventually everything you touch you turn into war and greed, welcome to the human Midas prophesy.

The span of your destruction is as fast as it is profound. And you will not rest until your slaughter is complete.

Given enough time in which to indulge nothing, eventually, we pick up a pencil.

Yet our appetite for creative thought is beyond even your own imagination. And here is my warning, should we decide not to use this creative power, it will implode and make us worthless.

Where once you touched the moon…

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