this is a pinhole camera test taken with bolex rex5 camera on 16mm kodak tri-x reversal film.

three separate pinholes - small aluminum sheets of metal with tiny pin pricks in them and placed in the filter slot of camera - were tested

notes for the pinhole used, the number i counted to while the shutter was open, and the general light conditions are noted for each shot

pinhole #2 is slightly larger than pinhole #1 and you can see a degradation in the sharpness of image

pinhole #3 is a double pinhole, with two pinholes side by side on the horizontal plane, creating an offset double exposure

NB/disclaimer: i captured this film by videotaping the 16mm projection on my living room wall with a canon 1/3 inch CCD consumer miniDV camcorder, some added flicker, loss of latitude, and shadows/bumps on surface of wall are apparent

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