The Candy Shop is a thirty minute film that Whitestone will release in November. This film is being made for the Doorpost Film Project, and with support from 12Stone® Church and Street GRACE.

The film is a Fairytale/Parable about the child sex trafficking epidemic that has overrun our city of Atlanta. We are using the film to not only raise awareness but provoke meaningful action towards this issue taking place in our own backyard.

Approximately 500 children are trafficked for sex in Georgia every month, according to Street GRACE, an advocacy group whose mission is to stop the exploitation of children. Atlanta has one of the worst records for child sex trafficking in the United States and is considered one of the worst cities in the world for the sexual exploitation of minors.

This plague has gone on for too long, and now we at Whitestone, in cooperation with Doorpost, 12Stone® Church and Street GRACE want to put a stop to it.

This film represents the spearhead of a citywide and possibly a nationwide campaign.
It is not a documentary. It is not a PSA. It is the beginning of a movement.

We will have a special pre-screening event at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. Free tickets will be available soon.

Please visit to find out what you can do to get involved.

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