Based on the film "Girl on the Bridge"

Filmed in Cannes, Antibes, Monte Carlo and Moscow.

A young beautiful, romantic.
An unfortunate affair in the past, the difficulties in his personal life brought to despair. She no longer believe in fortune, or in carrying out, or in a higher power. Luck seemed to turn from her. The difficulties of living put she on the brink between life and death. And despite all the charm and beauty of the Cote d'Azur, she decides to rid the world of his presence.

A young and successful man. He lives what is called "the whole hog." He believes in destiny and luck. He believes that the fortune can be easily earned. That is why the risk and excitement present in his life to the fullest. He wins in the most famous casinos, gambling clubs, lotteries and sweepstakes. He goes through life easily and naturally.

They meet together at the right moment.
Early in the morning, when he returned in high spirits from another fun party, he saw her. She stood on a high rock, and only a small step was separated her from the deep dark water. That's the beginning of their story ...

Premiere was in Moscow on Ball de Rose - a 10-year wedding anniversary party from Anastasia and Alex.

Movie was shooted a month earlier, especially for this event and the story is not based on real events :).
In a real life, Alex has met Anastasia in Casino 10 years ago. So while we were thinking about any movie which could be shown on the party dedicated to 10 years of marrige we have decided to create a new story. There is a place for luck and fortune beside love in our version of their Acquaintance history...

The movie "Ball de rose" coming soon :)..

Screenplay by Roman Shmidt
Produced by Mikhail Semenov,
filmed by Robert Balasko & Art Studio team
edited & directed by Robert Balasko

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