гей Фабера (homo faber, in russian)

. a middle class suicide in the dry city.
there will be no more suicide notes no more. there will only be annonymus comments on internet social networks to prove that we where ever here. there will be no bodies either, we will simply desapear from each other; really?

dedicated to all my friends.

the ending note goes:

"4 yrs ago, i loved people & loved being listened to, touched, etc. but all that faded. without getting into details, im a pretty cynical, reclusive loner now. all my love, and the need to be needed has been starved out of me. if you go long enough without it, whilst trying, eventually you stop knocking on the door, to what turns out to be an empty house. i may not love my self-isolated but it beats the hell out of my terminally ill effort. im also stuck in the past. im not lonely. just bored

- taken from an annonymus comment on youtube."

The coment is actually by this guy, Jonah Schwartz, here´s his channel:


Great writter and friend.

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