The second in my series of Britney Spears remixes, superimposing Spears' "Toxic" over top of Pierre Schaeffer's "Cinq Etudes De Bruits: Etude Violette." Pierre Schaeffer is an avant-garde composer who was instrumental in pioneering musique concrète as an artform. From the concept album "Britney Spears + Noise = HOT Vol. 1" which features 8 of Britney's songs superimposed over experimental musicians.

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This is not a remix, as such, but a rhizomatic layering (rhimix) of two tracks supercomposed over top of one another in the hope that multiple points of contact might be established between them, which would not have been there previously. The editing on each track is minimal as I am more interested in the chance occurrences which comes from superimposing two separate tracks, than constructing a traditional remix. The ethics of this project is inspired by both John Oswald's plunderphonics and John Cage's Music of Chance.

“So these were the three circumstances that compelled me to experiment in music: I was involved in music; I was working with turntables (then with tape-recorders); I was horrified by modern 12-tone music. I said to myself, ‘Maybe I can find something different… maybe salvation, liberation, is possible.’ Seeing that no-one knew what to do anymore with DoReMi, maybe we had to look outside that… Unfortunately it took me forty years to conclude that nothing is possible outside DoReMi… In other words, I wasted my life.” (Pierre Schaeffer)

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