Direction and Special Effects -Jennifer Juniper Stratford
Written by Christine Adolph, Jennifer Juniper Stratford, and Riley Swift
Edited - Brett Hanson
Theme song - Elan Polushko
Multinauts Victory Theme - Seth Nemec

Episode One "Flashback"- After Narrowly escaping the wrath of Oysters Rockafeller's newest weaponry, The Multinauts are visited by Falco Quasar. Falco convinces The Mutlinauts to blow off some steam by going to a wild space party where the galaxies hottest new "saga-wave" band, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti are playing. Good times go terribly awry when the trio travels to a wild kegger full of space preppies that turn out to be more than just party animals.

Guest appearances by Ariel Pink, Leslie Hall, DJ Lance Rock, and Spuds McKenzie

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