UPDATE 03-25-2011:
First ABC DSLR-Light-Jib Test-Shots

i went to Cinec 2010 had my 550D arround ... did not shoot too much with it though ... too much great other gear to get hands on! ;) ... i did meet one of my twitter buddy @Sascha_Plagge ...and had a great time at the show so did he (i guess) see for your self ...

a lil written review is comming soon too ... stay tuned
you also should watch my lil RED EPIC experience at cinec 2010: vimeo.com/15112636

the stuff i most liked was / is the Genus DSLR shoulder rig & Mattebox as well as the Zacuto Shoulder Rig (very good balanced) and the fabulous Z-Finder (great "view") and the new ABC DSLR Light Jib as well as the new lil Marshall 5'' LCD and of course the ARRI ALEXA :)

more infos about that DSLR LIGHT-Jib:

some more clips, links & more:

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