Cloud Nothings
Hey Cool Kid
Turning On
2010 Carpark / Wichita Records

Director, Cinematographer, Editor - Allen Cordell
Starring - Stu Ares, Ken Larkin, Hughlynn Dukes, Dolores Wiskotzil
Executive Producer - Project Fathom
Producer - Bob Dolan
Head Electric - Ray Roy III
Makeup/Wardrobe - Laurie Isabella
Production Assistants - Sophia Peer, Katrina Bayoneto, Austin Muller
Additional Appearances by: Lawrence Artis Jr., Charles Nuttall, Adam Dooling, Felicia Ballos Roy, Bowie Alijah Roy, Petrie, Morgan Blair, Sam Dwyer, Carrie Carlisle, The Downtown Dolls, Ben Furgal, Kate Ferencz and Isaac Royffe
Special Thanks To: Luke Stettner, St. Cecilia Parish, Bridget Ferrigan, Jason Adams, Jimmy Gennaro Formato, Zachary Kilroy, Tim Lines, Ben Yonda and Cause & Effect

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