The private airstrip WA56 Israel's Farm is located about fifteen miles west of 3W5 Concrete Muni, surrounded by a beautiful valley and some very diversified rivers. Orbx created this scenery with a new technique, showing so much details, that you are almost able to hear the grass grow :)

This is my very first attempt of creating a full hd video (1920*1080) with 60 frames per second, so if you are experiencing any stutters during playback her on Vimeo, feel free to download the original file from this page, which is offered, if you are logged in with your Vimeo account. But you'll need a strong gpu for the smooth playback on your computer ;)

I'm feeling a great desire for thanking my friend Miro for his awesome job doing the voice-over of the intro. His patience of a saint is absolute remarkable, when it comes to my always altering wishes concerning the intonation of words. At the end he made it just his own way, and it was absolute the best way.

Thank you Miro.

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