This year’s Glastonbury Festival may have been mercifully dry, but Silent Studios and Shelter still managed to create a splash in the John Peel field.

We collaborated with Chris O’Shea to design a responsive digital installation for the John Peel field: the Shelter Air Guitar Championship, where intrepid festival-goers were transformed into real-life rock gods. Proceedings in the Championship were broadcast onto large LED screens – much to the delight of hordes of screaming fans. A stereo camera, combined with motion-tracking software developed by O’Shea, enabled air guitarists to trigger a variety of guitar solos.

We called upon Silent Studios music collective – ‘Resonate’ to lay down some guitar riffs that were triggered at random depending on the user’s air guitar style, which also influenced the volume of the guitar riff, crowd noise and voiceovers. Guitarists had a fifteen second rehearsal followed by fifteen seconds of recorded footage beamed to the LED screens. The Air Guitar installation was a huge hit – it even came No.4 in Q magazine’s Top 10 things to do at Glastonbury!

For further information please call Nathan and Liam on 020 8986 1600 or e-mail us at High-res shots available on request.

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