Jewel fingered DJ Malcolm Goldie and I spent an evening at the ICA in May experimenting with the Phonotrope. It was a live affair with the intention of weaving a mish mash of sounds and images infront of a stunned audience. Well... that was the intention.

Malcolm had created bespoke loops and tracks to the 33 frame principle while I had created a new bunch of discs which we played out and had fun with with 2 cameras and some angle poised lamps.

It kind of worked, it kind of didn't BUT there was some exciting promise buried within, promise which needs to be looked at when I have time.

In the meanstwhile Malcom edited the footage and cut a new track just to establish our progress.

Many thanks to Gemma Tortella for her organising the event. Watch this space (not specifically this one but one near it).

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