Director’s note:
My balcony overlooks a huge water course that allows the stream of water clusters that is caused by rain. This water is slowly drained every 4 or 5 years to reach the Nile River, carrying along the trash that the residents throw all around the course.
I was really touched by this water course since I lived here, for a reason not known to me, but I knew I would make a film about this place.
I had a weird relationship with “Caika Bel Crèma” or “Cake with crème”. I felt that the film was moving the life around me to be complete. It made me find or see particular things, which built in me; when added to the film, a great enthusiasm.
I even attended a concert to an independent band, in which I heard Amr ElZanaty play the Oudou drum. I fell in love with the instrument and I knew it was in the film… A little pottery instrument that has a weak sound, but is persistent on proving its existence.

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