shortfilm, fiction, 4’, Super8/Betacam, color
director/screenwriter/cinematotographer/producer: Giorgio B. Borgazzi
editor: Cristiana Donghi
music: Penguin Cafè Orchestra
cast: Leonardo De Colle (voice over), Vittorio Solbiati (Odysseos)
production: Killer Elite Film, Italy 1995

“In his most beautiful work, Odysseos, we watch visions inspired by the verses of the Odyssey, where Greece becomes a land of widened roads covered with a shapeless layer of volcanic soil, sitting beneath gloomy skies streaked with seagulls like graphic engravings. The Greece of this visual short poem is a journey into pre-Christian, desolate and lunar Hades.”
Roberto Chiesi (movie critic and curator of Centro Studi – Pasolini Archive – of the Bologna film library) from the book, “Lo sguardo liberato: FEDIC 1949-1999”

“Unlike the rest of Borgazzi’s work, a lyrical tone prevails in Odysseos, which is expressed in the graphic stylisation and in a uniform chromatism.
An off screen voice accompanies the images like in a suspended dream, like in a purely suggestive vision. It is the digression of the mind before an uncontaminated, desert and pure place.
The shooting flows at different speeds in a circular panning of sea, houses and seagulls.
The sea and the gulls, immersed in a clear light, are symbols of escape into boundless, unknown spaces awaiting Odysseos along his journey. Far from metropolitan nightmares, Borgazzi’s eye is no longer obsessed with grotesque presences and with death drives, but relaxes in the dream-like contemplation of nature.”
Francesca Zigiotti (movie critic) - Cineclub

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