After the heat wave almost ruined the weekend for us Los Angelosians, we needed nothing more than a cold drink and booty shaking music to take our minds off our "first world problems"...aaand we got what we wished for... Twin Shadow at the Echo Plex.
I knew it was love when I first heard their sexy, energetic synth-pop. The 80’s beats and the playful 90’s attitude are the perfect combination of what made you jump on your bedsprings when you where young and your present self that still has the need to shake it, more classy maybe (or not).
But what makes Twin Shadow special is its heart and soul, singer/songwriter George Lewis Jr. When his deep voice and magical lyrics fill the room you cant help but dance, sing along or simple stare (hands up fellow female audience) until the last tunes hit the room.
George Lewis Jr. is stunning, charming, has the most fantastic hair I’ve seen in a while and was nice enough to talk to us...about his tour, his album, his inspiration and why he writes on a typewriter.

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