Required items:
iPhone OR iPod Touch
MobileFinder ( $ 1.99 ) ( )
Wifi Internet ( If you need to create one and your on a mac go to http:// )
First we need to Connect your iPhone to your WiFi internet. Easy.
Then open up mobile finder and click the transfer button on the bottom right corner of
your screen. Then click go.
Then the address in the green copy that or take note of it.
Now set your iPhone aside and leave it on and dont let it fall asleep.
Now go into any FTP client and connect to the address in the green. Login as an
anonymous login. Then you will see some folders there.
Now with your already made website drag and drop it into the ftp client and transfer it
onto your iPhone! Now after thats done your are done!
To go to your website address go to the green address that is on mobile finder! If any
thing doesn’t work make sure the files are on your iPhone and you are connected right!
Please note this will only work on the local network and will not work publicly. Thanks.
Guide made my Danny.
Email me at Admin@MacPack.Co.Cc for problems.
How To Host A Website On Your iPhone Or iPod Touch!

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