This is my first attempt to make a video like this.

I took my new 60D out to a local carnival the night it arrived at my door from Amazon. I had only owned it for a few hours, and before using it, an iPhone was the most sophisticated camera I had ever used.

So some stuff went wrong, some stuff was out of focus, and I found out when I got there that the plate that holds my camera to my tripod was at home on my camcorder. So some stuff is shaky.

But way more stuff went right. I am so happy with how this came out overall. The song is called "A Meaningful Moment through a Meaning(less) Process" by Stars of the Lid, and could not have been a more perfectly titled or moody song. Some very lucky accidents came from the filming and editing, and I really love how well this represents the whole experience for me.

Watch it in HD with headphones if you can.

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