BROKEN MEETINGS (and how you'll fix them)
TWITTER.COM Headquarters, 21 Sep 2010

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There's a big elephant in the office today that's becoming harder to ignore—meetings.

Even the best meetings can eat up massive person-hours, but those really awful ones will just kill you. You know the type.

Those time-wasting, rudderless, repetitious, zombie meetings where "deep dives," "drill downs," and "face time" often mean much is debated, little is accomplished, and everybody leaves feeling broken--AND, often as not, late for their next meeting.

In the premiere of this all-new presentation, Merlin Mann attacks Bad Meeting Culture with the same brand of practical, funny, and thought-provoking advice that his popular Inbox Zero talks brought to the topic of email.

You'll learn:

- what got us into this meeting mess
- why meetings have special powers to waste time at scale
- how "The 'Meh' Virus" propogates
- why even scrums and one-on-ones aren't immune
- how your meeting needs a parent
- 10 insanely practical tactics for improving your own meetings--starting today

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