In use videos are speeded up - both set-ups took around 10 minutes each max

Also featuring AliasStudio 2011
Autodesk -

Datasets provided by:

Thomas Teger @ Luxion
The Legendary Autodesk MSD Team (
Jinx Talavera @ Twister Imaging (

HDRs collected over the years or from the fine folks at

Reklame Script font in Alias Data set decal
With kind permission of

Worked up using:
KeyShot 2.1 Beta for OS X
Autodesk AliasDesign 2011 for OS X
MacBook Pro - Duo Core with 4Gb RAM
Video Captured using QuickTime Player
Image sequences compiled using Sequimago Apple Script
Edited using iMovie '10 and way too much time on my hands


Outlines - Now That I'm Free (feat. RZA)
courtesy of the Sonar Kollective

If you like it. Buy it.

Notes: KeyShot at present doesn't support the output of movies. Turntable animation, frame by frame as graphics files yes, animations? No. What it does do is render a sequence of images that represent the rotation of the model between specific angles (360 obviously for a full rotation). I had a problem getting this into a movie file (part of the video file above) on the OS X platform. Handily I found a wee AppleScript onto which you drag and drop the image sequence. It asks for the number of frames and outputs a QuickTIme file. It's called Sequimago and available here:

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