This video tells the story of 15929 fire incidents that have occurred in Greece over the time span of 583 days (27-05-2008 to 31-12-2009), in 5 minutes...

Yes that's right, that's roughly 27 incidents per day, a little more than 1 incident per hour. The majority of the year's incidents though (more than 50%) occurs during the summer months.

Each red growing disk represents the location of the incident.

The duration for which a disk remains visible is proportional to the duration of the incident.

The size of the disk IS NOT proportional to the actual area affected by the incident (purely because of clarity, map scale and video surface limitations)

For each incident causing damages to more than 3 hectars of land surface, the sound of a phone call is reproduced, representing a case of higher distress and imminent danger to close by communities.

Marking a smaller number of fire incidents with a sound was necessary because of the shear number of concurrent incidents observed, especially during the summer months.

Setting a threshold of 3 hectars, also enables us to observe a "ripple" effect on the fire incidents as they come in waves roughly following Sun rise and Sun set (or in other words, there is a correlation between temperature and number of incidents). However, there is still some sound distortion as concurrent sound samples from hundreds of fires pile up to be heard at the same time from your speakers...

The title of the video was inspired by the Kings of Leon song "Your sex is on fire".

The data for this visualisation were obtained from the recently established open geodata website of the Greek Government (

The visualisation was created in Processing ( using the Processing port of ModestMaps ( and the 'Microsoft Maps' data provider.

The Minim library ( was used to reproduce the sounds and the Sound Sample is a phone ring from (

More detailed information (albeit in Greek, for the time) is available from

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