The Avalon is owned by local boys Mark Reynolds, Nick Fox and Tom Peake. They also own three other pubs in Battersea and Clapham, The Bolingbroke, and The Tommyfield in Kennington.

As a result of the complete refurbishment of the entire building, they have made sure that The Avalon is not only a comfortable and relaxed place for you to meet, eat and drink but that it is also an elegant destination venue for a fantastic night out.

Avalon was first mentioned 900 years ago, a mythical ‘blessed island’ famed for its beautiful apples. It occupies a unique position in English folklore, lying at the heart of two iconic legends.

King Arthur retired to Avalon after his last battle; this is where his sword Excalibur was forged. And in the legend of the Holy Grail, the cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper was carried by Joseph of Arimathea to Avalon.

This fable inspired William Blake’s short poem ‘And Did Those Feet In Ancient Time’, which became ‘Jerusalem’, England’s greatest hymn.

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