In Chicago we entered the lives of Kris + Tina, as we not only filmed their wedding but the whole week prior. We captured Tina's final dress fitting, the rehearsal dinner, their last dance lesson and each special moment that went with it. By the end of the wedding "week" it was clear to us why everyone around them adore this fun loving couple. A truly special experience.

a special email received from the lovely Tina on 7th Feb 2012:

Hi Abraham!!

Thinking of you as I just watched my wedding video for probably the
millionth time! It's been about a year and a half since Kris and I
got married, and I still cannot help but watch the video and get
transported back to that special day and time! It's actually pretty
amazing. I watch it when I'm feeling not so good and want a pick me
up, and also if I'm feeling happy and want the cherry on top! I just
want you to know how appreciative that I am for what you created.

Also, wanted to let you know that Kris and I are expecting our first
little one this June! We are so so excited!! I'm feeling great and
started feeling the baby move which is really exciting!

I hope everything is going well with you and Untitled! You are a
special talent. I wish you all of the best in work and in play!

Take care,


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