You’re welcome to pirate this song
Make copies and give it out generously
You’re welcome to pirate this song
Go ahead treat her like she was yours
You’re welcome to pirate this song
You’re welcome to pirate this song

Rainbows are free and the skies are sunny
I’m sure you think I don’t need no money
You rock coz you think I am a star
Galaxies apart from where you are

You’ve got to pay for your rental bills
Gotta scrimp and save for occasional frills
You have needs that probably elude me
If you need my music so you can keep it for free


Lend me your ears this aint no sermonette
What you hear is what you get
Paying for music is a harlot’s cause
My breakfast a bowl of applause

You've got your TRIPS once in a while
Get some friends to party in style
My family and pets live on love and fresh air
Everyone’s wife should have nothing to wear


Got no conscience - don’t you no fret
You are sure to pirate even that I bet
You’ve no money but you have morality
You would'nt rob a bank, you'd only steal IP

Go on pinch the artist’s screw
God who gave the songs will pay the due
You deserve a Grammy for tasteful piracy
A fan like you is an honor to me


Pirate This by Arul (Ta'fxkz) Baliah, Tune co-composed with Vikram JS and his permission will be required to re use the tune is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 India License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

i take the road of "Let the music decide" if my music is good enough to pirate, i am honored to have been the vessel that wrote that song you love. If on the other hand, my music inspires you to write me a token payment of what you think it might be worth to you- i am grateful.

i see no point in me spending my limited lifetime fighting lawsuits - i think my music can speak if not sing for itself.

Needless to say the issue is complex and at times bordering on being ridiculous

personally, i try to respect other people's IP, even when somebody sends me a youtube link, i first check the profile to see if the person who posted it owned the rights to share it- youtube is a gutter of surrogate piracy where the big corporation Google is happy to have more people to flash ads at by not pushing harder towards creating a forum that respects people's Intellectual Property

i also think the right to Intellectual Property is yet another human right abused by corporations taking advantage of naive artists who sign away their rights while i oppose the corporations for doing what they do with their veneer of amoral person-hood i respect the artists' rights to sell out

I see a pirated morality where people have stopped thinking for themselves when they say "everyone does it" either in the context of selling out or in the context of using pirated material

Why, even Bill Gates who built his fortunes on selling intellectual property reportedly watched a few videos that were on youtube.

I was checking Duffonomics: an economics column on playboy by the current bassist with Velvet Revolver formerly with GNR. Duff McKagan has a link to a youtube link of a segment from Real Time with Bill Maher that was removed for copyright infringement

The fact that the IP violation did not bother a Rock Star and Playboy (who are both getting hit by the downside of the internet) bothers me more than the fact that it did not bother Bill Gates

i incidentally worked for Microsoft for 5 years before i quit to write songs fulltime and it is largely my time at Microsoft that has given me my respect for IP, and it was GNR that inspired me to be make music with balls - The Question of Piracy has really brought me down to fact bare naked facts that we have a terribly flawed system and the only cure is to address the human conscience that musicians (probably) have unprecedented access to!

My song Pirate This says it all, i would love it if other musicians would like to collaborate with me on taking this song out.

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