Video for the new Foot Village 7"

An expressionistic reworking of the US torture legislation.

A couple of evenings ago I told someone that I was making a video about Abu Ghraib, she replied "but that was ages ago"...

but they keep making these?

This October, 2010, How To Fight Records will release the new Foot Village 7″, “Lovers With Iraqis” b/w “Totally Tween”. The 7″ comes packaged in giant sheets of temporary tattoos, illustrated by the Citizens of Foot Village and our friends. It also comes with a digital download of the 2 songs plus 3 bonus remixes by Bobb Bruno (of Best Coast), Yip-Yip, and Universal Studios Florida.

You can buy it at-


Thanks to Storm Poorun, Jon Shaw, Jay Dolton-Smith, Mark Smith, Luke Rodilosso, Finn Cullum, Darius Lambert and Krijn (?), also Laura Doelher for staying up late, Paul and Noam and also Pietro for the camera.

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