Well let see what can i say this is a presentation of G4 and some of its features. not all but some for the curiosity of those who may be intrested in a flight sim and what it has to offer.
I learned to fly with the relaflight sim. i Didnt have an instructor i bought the sim first then after i got good on it i tempted my fait and when out and bought a trainer and took it out and flew it successfully on my first time out. Granted i have crashed a few planes since then but nothing to the point of not being repairable.
A sim gives you the advantage to learn how to fly an rc airplane without the greif and cost of learning the hard way.. Plus it's fun when you cant go out and fly in the winter it keeps the skills up for the next flying season.
Of course you wont fly like you do in the sim in real life till you have many years experience, but it's a good platform for learning if you take it seriously..
in This presentation of a flight I of course wouldnt fly like that in real life. Maybe some of the manuvers i would do. its always easy to hit reset when you crash.. well enjoy my littel Realflight clip.. and i hope that wasnt to confusing..

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