DFLL/decay for lou lou/PSYCHOS/WORLD13 by malga kubiak the ego trip label 2010
dedicated to all dead poets
assistant Douze
camera Malga Kubiak
cast Malga Kubiak, Brooklyn Bridge, Francis, Central Park

a team sprung from theater group Respublica / Paris. 2000 & 2001 in Bruxelles we play at Varja Theater and Nadine Plateau, the play God is my Co Pilot based on psychoanalysis and movement; put us in a right mood. The town was ready for us, everywhere plenty of actors and dancers and the people in general who wanted to participate to collaborate. First Malga is kicked out from Respublica, Douze follows 2, they continue to film 2002 /perhaps/ 2001 in end of July the team travels to Venice to shoot death scenes, while Igor T, the Ukrainian actor/artist dies for real in the squat Ilot Soleil on Rue Des Chevallieres.
Already earlier in April when they shoot Douze death scene in few days at Bruce Geduldig & at Ilot de Soleil people start dieing around, the range of the age is few month old to 80 years old.. They try not to become psychotic.
Night before they leave for Venice by car they shoot the fire of the house they have a constant party at, its a fictive plot, the house shall burn, they all shall die and remain dancing the eternity through, no dirty society games.
In this scene is Bruce & Bernedetta Geduldig, Laetycja, Cecil, Svlad, Douz & Malga. Igor comes by to share home baked bread, he cant stay for the act as he is hosting the party at Ilot Soleil.
The scenes in Venice are under the spell of death Of Carlo Giuliani in G8 in Genoa, 2 days earlier. When team arrives back in Paris they meet the death news bout Igor. Life is fragile. Igor died jumping of the burning Ilot Soleil from his room at top floor, he was a guard that night, situation at Ilot Soleil was tensed, almost everybody moved out scared that something bad was going to happen. Ilot Soleil won the process to keep the house. The previous owner was not glad..
The love bounds between couples within the team deteriorate.
Malga does editing at AJC in Bruxelles, its a killing doze, Malga & Douze travel to Stockholm and do editing at Crac, Douz does special effects. They edit like Malga at AJC round the clock sleeping at the studio under the table, they are kicked out from Crac due to over exploiting it. Douze travels back to Paris, Malga remains in Stockholm, she becomes ill, her right arm/shoulder is frozen, almost a half year she cant even pick in her nose. As soon she had become well she packed her suitcase and traveled to Paris, gathered the team showing VHS 12 hours edited, and mini DV 3 hours from Crack.
This project is huge and possibly cursed, it takes years and years to complete. Everybody falls out.
The guys at Berlin Film are willing to do a snappy trendy catchy editing but they request loads of money. Malga applies at Konstnarsnamnden Sweden but she gets NO.
Malga produced this project on her own, not paying anything else but cassettes, camera reparations, food, sugar and smoke, & fuel to Venice and some many Euro Bus Paris/Brux/Paris/Brux for the team/ & few absolutely necessary requisites.
She still has debts to Crack and Wajda's Film Academy. Only AJC proved a total Belgian support & generisity, curiesly watching her sleeping under the table on the bare floor.
2007 she goes back to it, she is staying home a lot guarding her mom who has become 200% incapable. She no longer has VHS player or VHS masters tapes, but she remembers each cut. 3 hours are cool on mini DV, she edits lasting 9 hours in her PC. Part of footage is on H8 digital, these cameras are no longer available, for H8 transfers she finds a helping hand in Arkadiusz Wierak at Wajda's Film Academy in Warsaw; he is asking her how a fuck she got to film ALL THAT? Malga is in possession of 120 hours her footage.
Malga Kubiak is a director, Douze /Fredric Lecomte/ her assistant, we film often, in Brux, in Paris, Venice. To that comes material that Malga filmed in NYC, Thailand, Sweden. The project is growing and soon the only way to show it is to do a huge screening on few screens in the same room. From 120 hours of footage is edited to 12 hours.
Of course we hang out in the squats a lot, its a new time for European artists where the money interests or our constant lack of money pushes us into marginals that become centers of creative art. the process is not without pain, blood, love and disaster. We get to fight...

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