Direction and Special Effects by Jennifer Juniper Stratford
Written by Christine Adolph, Jennifer Juniper Stratford, and Riley Swift
Edited by Brett Hanson
Theme song and Mirror Realm Composed by Elan Polushko
Score and Sound Effects Creation by Seth Nemec

Episode Two "Mirrorman" - After enjoying the comforts of their spaceship, the Multinauts find themselves on the bleak desert planet, Cherotec. In an attempt to regain a lost power crystal, which sustains Tetra's lifeforce, the team must face mysteries lurking in the sand and the bizarre mirrored domain of Indigirka.

Contains a chilling performance by Geneva Jacuzzi as Terracotta, an entity that feeds on the menergy of living beings as well as a cameo by Francois Sagat as the face of NAC* Cosmetics newest perfume. *NAC a registered trademark of Nork Korp

Please visit for behind the scenes photos and information.

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