Trailer for the dance show "Le Destin des Images", shooted at the premiere at the "Cavallerizza Reale", in Turin, Italy.

Produced by "Compagnie Harry Albert (Lyon, France)" and "DanzAtelierStudios (Turin, Italy)".

Choreographer: Harry Albert

Dancers: Harry Albert, Vincenzo Criniti, Laurine Mazard, Eleonora Mercatili, Marie-Martine Roblès, Elena Rolla, Irene Russolillo.

Composer: Noël Kapoudjian

Lights : Enzo Galia

Drawings : Jeanne Dorin

Costume Design : Emilia Disette

Video shooting and editing : 3DiT Lab (Mathieu Gasquet, Vittorio Anelli)

Graphic Design: Falcon Movies (Jonathan Placide)

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